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What is a bills of quantities?

In the construction and civil engineering industry, a Bill of Quantities also known as a BOQ or BQ is a document that allows estimators and quantity Surveyors to know and use the quantity of the work that is required to be carried out by the contractor for them to complete a project.

A Bill of Quantities provides the contractor with measured quantities of work outlined on the project drawings and specifications. The Bills of Quantities usually contain an in-depth description of each item of work, together with its location and quantity outlining any other costs involved in the project.

Why is a Bill of Quantities important?

Typically Bills of Quantities are prepared to a standard methodology with the structure varying depending on the complexity of the project involved and the work that is required. It is generally set out in individual sections, which are then put into different sub-sections according to the trade and work package required. For example, civil engineering works, are then broken down further into separate items that are needed for the project which relate to the specific element, and quantities, but also outlining materials and labour that is required. When referencing items, it is essential that in the Bills of Quantities each item that is listed can be referred to and found easily.

All items in the Bills of Quantities incorporate all required details for construction, for example, dimensions, unit rates, quantities, and any other specific technical requirements that are needed. Typically, measurements are taken in a standard unit, such as cubic metres for excavation works or square metres for items like plastering or painting. All unit rates indicate the cost per unit of measurement for each specific item.

In Addition, a Bill of Quantities may include costs other than materials and labour such as contingencies. In the construction industry, there are lots of risks that must be factored in when planning for a project, so this ensures contractors can appropriately plan for any compensation for their services and cover any unexpected costs that may arise during the project stage.

Both quantity surveyors and estimators are responsible for preparing the Bills of Quantities. The quantity surveyors or estimators carefully review the drawings, specifications, and any other important documents provided for the project to distinguish and quantify all items and costs correctly.

How Mynott Bowers can help with Bills of Quantities

At Mynott Bowers we provide a professional service in producing Bills of Quantities for Main Contractors who are tendering projects swiftly and accurately. We have a team of highly experienced quantity surveyors across the building and civil engineering sectors.

All our Bills of Quantities are provided in an electronic format in a template to suit your requirements. Producing an effective BoQ is essential for a successful bidding process. 

We can provide Bills of Quantities in methods including ASMM, SMM7, NRM2, POMI, CESMM, MMHW, RMM2, and ARM. But we can also provide bespoke formats.

ConclusionWhy Bills of Quantities are essential for any construction project

To summarise, all Bills of Quantities are an important part of the construction industry when planning a project, as they set out all the costs that are involved along with any specifications for the project.

If you’re a contractor, incorporating bills of quantities into your construction project is a simple and effective way to improve efficiency and profitability. So, whether you’re working on a small residential project or a large commercial development, be sure to include BoQs in your construction planning process.

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