Mynott Bowers Services

Mynott Bowers Group is a firm of highly skilled Quantity Surveyors specialising in providing Bills of Quantities to main contractors worldwide.

Bills of Quantities

You need a timely and accurate set of bills of quantities that reflect the scope of works from the tender documents you have been provided. With our team of highly experienced quantity surveyors across the civil engineering and building sectors we are able to provide Bills of Quantities in ASMM, SMM7, NRM2, POMI, CESMM, MMHW, RMM2, ARM as well as bespoke formats. All Bills of Quantities are provided in an electronic format in a template to suit your requirements.

Civil Engineering – Bills of Quantities for civil engineering projects including but not limited to infrastructure works such as roads, bridges, tunnels and rail, land reclamation and marine projects such as sea defence walls.

The team is experienced in following CESMM, the standard method of measurement for civil engineering.

Mechanical & Electrical Services – Determining accurate quantities for mechanical and electrical services requires a high level of skill and technical ability. We can provide measurements for M&E packages including HVAC, plumbing, above ground drainage, electrical including Low Voltage, structured cabling, data and voice communication, fire detection and sprinkler systems.

Cost Budgeting

Providing cost plan support to smaller scale high value ‘one off’ residential schemes and commercial developments. We aim to mitigate the risk by providing comprehensive and reliable estimates based on our experience of these markets.

Commercial Support – Live Projects, Final Account & Contract Re-negotiation

A measuring service throughout the life of a project including measured design variations during a project and the impact these have at final account stage.

Highly experienced and equipped to deal with providing commercial support to your business when you are in need and at times of dispute and differences.